CFTC committee to hold remote meeting on DLT and digital currencies

The Technology Advisory Committee, or TAC, a technology advisory wing of the CFTC, plans to hold a remote meeting on July 16, addressing several discussion points, as noted in a recently released meeting agenda.

„At this meeting, the TAC will hear presentations from the TAC subcommittees on Modern Automated Commercial Markets, Distributed Registration Technology and Market Infrastructure, Virtual Currencies and Cybersecurity,“ the CFTC said in a July 14 statement.

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The CFTC published the summary of the meeting
The CFTC statement included an analysis of the July 16 telephone meeting. „The TAC meeting agenda includes key issues to be discussed and speakers for each panel,“ the CFTC statement said.

Born near the height of the technology boom in 1999, the TAC offers advice and feedback from CFTCs specific to the intersection of technology, finance and regulation, a detailed description of CFTCs.

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The summary details the conversation about cryptomonics and technology
The published agenda of the meeting includes panels on cybersecurity, commercial technology innovation guidelines, DLT and the handling of important data. The outline also includes a discussion on the Central Bank or CBDC digital currencies.

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In addition, the agenda included a section mentioning Bitcoin, entitled: „An analysis comparing the volatility of Bitcoin with other assets and the impact of COVID-19 on the correlation of asset prices.

The CFTC previously categorized Immediate Bitcoin and Ethereum as commodities, placing them in the same category as gold, while other digital assets, such as Ripple’s XRP, are still classified unofficially.